Athletic Fees

All interscholastic sports require a degree of financial funding in order to operate successfully. Some sports have a higher budgetary requirement than others for officiating, equipment, facility rentals, etc. Although the school covers the vast majority of the athletic funding, participation on school teams does involve some cost to the athletes. The following is a list of the fees associated with the athletic teams At Astral Drive:

      Cross-Country         $5.00                            Hockey                        TBD

Soccer                    $15.00                          Badminton                    $5.00

Touch Football        $10.00                          Lacrosse                       $20.00

Volleyball                $15.00                          Slo-Pitch                       $15.00

Basketball               $25.00                          Track and Field              $10.00

(This list is based on the teams offered in the past academic year. Any new teams offered will be subject to an appropriate fee.)

 Students will pay no more than $50 per year regardless of the number of sports participated in (not including hockey).  These fees do not cover participation in extra tournaments or events that are not related to regular season play.

These fees are charged to help offset the high cost of running athletics, but are in no way meant to exclude people from participating.  If covering the cost is an issue please contact school administration.

 Receipts will be available for any monies collected as athletic fees upon request. Monies must be collected prior to the season of play in order to be eligible to participate.

In addition to the athletic fees that are to be paid, students will be eligible to participate on the understanding that all outstanding accounts have been resolved. These areas may include but are not limited to overdue library books, school fundraising responsibilities, student fees, previous uniform assignments, and other responsibilities given to the students. 


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